Recommended Resources For Children

The Bible is our primary teaching curriculum in the discipleship of our children (Deuteronomy 6:6-7). In addition, there are great supplemental resources that can assist in our journey. This page features books/media that have been useful to my family in nurturing our children in the gospel.

Below, please find resources under the categories of catechism, biblical theology for kids, systematic theology for kids, simple Bible studies, Scripture memorization tools, Christian biographies for kids, Advent resources, podcasts, and books on important topics in discipleship—such as ethnic diversity and guarding against pornography. My recommendations come with a brief review of each resource. 

Parenting can be hard, praises to the God who perfects His strength in our weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9). In all, "may the God of peace ....equip [parents] with everything good that [we] may do his will, working in us that which is pleasing in his sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen." (Hebrews 13:20-21).


Truth and Grace.jpg

Truth and Grace Memory Book

Editor: Thomas K. Ascol

Publisher: Founders Press, Reprinted 2005

Why we Love It: My husband and I have chosen the Truth and Grace Memory Book as our catechism curriculum. I've heard Pastor Sinclair Ferguson describe catechism as putting Velcro on the hearts of children so that understanding, when it comes, sticks more firmly. We've enjoyed using these books for three reasons: 1) It’s based on historic orthodox teaching including The Shorter Catechism of The Westminster Assembly and the Heidelberg Catechism; 2) the books are organized by age (it begins as early as 2) and grade level, which makes it easy to teach; 3) It includes Scripture and hymn memorization. See this VIDEO of my family using this catechism.

Gospel & Biblical Theology

The Garden.jpg

The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross – the true story of why Jesus died and rose again

Author: Carl Laferton (Illustrated by Catalins Echeverri)

Why we love it: This is a favorite children's books. In many ways, this is a Bible story-line overview for kids, tracing God's work in the Garden of Eden to the new creation. The book is stunningly illustrated and captures the vision of Revelation 7:9—the glorious diversity of the church. I especially love the book's repetition of the phrase: "Because of your sin, you can't come in...BUT I died on the cross to take your all my friends can now come in!" My husband and I have made this phrase a sort of "catechism" for explaining what sin does and what Christ has done on our behalf.

Biggest Story.jpg

The Biggest Story: How the Snake Crusher Brings us Back to the Garden

Author: Kevin DeYoung (Illustrated by Don Clark)

Publisher: Crossway, 2015

Why we Love It: The Biggest Story shares the goal of The Jesus Storybook Bible—both are determined to tell the big picture story of the Bible through smaller stories. The Biggest Story stands apart in that it goes further to uncover some of the lesser known biblical themes of Scripture. For example, DeYoung speaks of Jesus throughout the book as the new Adam, the only one able to succeed where the first Adam failed; He alone can restore us to the Revelation 22 garden. The book is a vividly illustrated Bible story-line book for children (and their parents). It clearly exalts the snake-crushing King of Glory!

Jesus Storybook.jpg

The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every story whispers His name

Author: Sally Lloyd-Jones (Illustrated by Jago Silver)

Publisher: Zonder Kidz, 2007

Why we Love It: The Jesus Storybook Bible is a massive 348-paged book with the mission to "tell the Story beneath all the stories in the Bible." Beautifully illustrated and almost poetic in voice, the book tells 21 Old Testament and 23 New Testament stories—puzzle pieces that fit together to reveal the Big Story of God's rescue of sinners through Jesus Christ. It's a great book to help point children away from "the moral of the story" to God's work of salvation through Christ.

Great Kings.jpg

Great Kings of the Bible: How Jesus Is Greater Than Saul, David and Solomon

Author: Deepak Reju (Illustrated by Fred Apps)

Publisher: Christian Focus Publications,

Why we Love It: Great Kings of the Bible is a great example of what our emphasis, focus, and direction ought to be in teaching our children Old Testament narratives. Deepak Reju explains the history of Israel's great kings, Saul, David and Solomon, with a commitment to point children to Jesus, the everlasting promised King who accomplished what no earthly king could. This biblical theology book follows the theme of kingship and can help children see how the Old Testament points to Jesus.

Systematic theology

Everything a Child Should Know.jpg

Everything a Child Should Know about God

Author: Kenneth N. Taylor (Illustrated by Jenny Brake)

Publisher: Tyndale House, 2014

Why we Love It: This book was my favorite children's book in 2015. It served well as reading material for family worship for weeks! In many ways, it's a systematic theology book for little ones. It's a 10 chapter, 188 paged book that addresses topics including: what is the Bible, creation, who God is, the problem of sin, why Christ came, how the Holy Spirit helps us, why we go to church, and when Jesus comes back. These big ideas are explained in a child-friendly style. The book is beautifully illustrated and reflects Revelation 7:9's vision of a diverse church. What a treasure for family devotions!

R.C. Sproul Kids Book.jpg

Children's Books by R.C. Sproul

Author: R.C. Sproul

Publisher: Reformation Trust

Why we Love It: The Priest with Dirty Clothes is my favorite children's book by Dr. R.C. Sproul. The story is based on Zechariah 3:1-5—the vision of Joshua the high priest. Dr. R.C. Sproul tells a beautiful fictional tale aimed at explaining the concept of imputed righteousness. Parents will find the book useful in helping children to see Christ as our substitute, not just in judgement but also, in righteousness. And if the The Priest with Dirty Clothes helps children to see Christ as our substitute in righteousness, then The Prince's Poison Cup is the companion book in showing Christ as our substitute in judgement. Both books (as well as all of Dr. Sproul's children's books) are must haves!

I Am.jpg

I Am: 40 Reasons to Trust God

Author: Diane Stortz (Illustrated by Diane Le Feyer)

Publisher: Tommy Nelson, 2016

Why we love it: Beginning with the Creator (Genesis) and ending with the King of Kings on a white horse (Revelation), the book uses Bible stories to explain 40 names and titles of God. Stories are followed by short devotionals aimed at helping children see how the title/name shows who God is and what He does. Each chapter ends with a prayer and a "learn more" section with additional Scriptures and Bible story-line notes for further study. This is a beautifully illustrated companion to your family devotional materials for sure!

Words about God.jpg

Words About God: To Help You Worship Him

Author: Nicholas Choy

Publisher: Christian Focus Publications , 2012

Why we love it: Creator. Aseity. Spirit. Personal. Eternal—this book takes 28 attributes of God and provides a sound and simple definition for each, along with Scripture verses for further reading. It's been said that everyone is a theologian. If so, this small book will certainly help your young theologian in his/her knowledge of the one true God.


Someday Heaven

Author: Larry Libby (Illustrated by Wayne McLoughlin)

Publisher: Zonder Kidz, 2001

Why we love it: We had a small child in our church who lost her grandmother and other family members. This book was helpful in addressing questions on heaven. The 24 chapter book, recommended for children ages 4-7, is packed with scriptural references on Heaven and can serve as a great resource to parents as they carefully address children's concerns about death.

Theo: Church Edition

Produced By: LifeWay Christian Resources

Why we Love It: Theo Church Edition comes in three DVD sets, each with four 10-minute episodes (see LifeWay for a breakdown of the sets and episodes). The episodes are beautifully animated, age-appropriate (4-12 ages) videos that serve well in teaching children concepts like saving faith, redemption, justification, adoption, and what is the church? Each episode features a fun story-line with Theo (our animated theologigan) and his friends that serves as an illustration to the Bible passage and/or lesson. My children love to watch Theo (and so do I)!

Bible Study Resources


Jesus is Better Podcast

Creator: Alicia Yoder

Why we Love it: Alicia Yoder’s Jesus is Better Podcast provides chapter studies of the book of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Ruth, 1 Samuel, and Luke. Yoder’s goal is three-fold: 1) story-tell a passage from the Bible; 2) look at the “them/then” choices of the characters and God’s providence in it all; 3) show how God works in the same way today—yet much better through Jesus. My little girls love to listen and learn how Jesus is better!


Sammy and His Shepherd: Seeing Jesus in Psalm 23

Author: Susan Hunt (Illustrated by Cory Godbey)

Publisher: Reformation Trust, 2008

Why we Love It: Sammy and His Shepherd is an easy to read Christological commentary on Psalm 23 for children. The 11 chapter book uses the story of Sammy the sheep and his "discipleship" of Precious, a new sheep in Sammy's shepherd's flock, to highlight the attributes of the Good Shepherd and the many benefits He affords those in His sheepfold. Susan Hunt offers a verse-by-verse exposition of Psalm 23 in a story families will simply love!


Mark's MARVELlOUS Book: Learning about Jesus through the Gospel

Author: Alan Mann

Publisher: Christian Focus Publications, 2015

Why we Love it: Coincidentally, I was reading through the book of Mark at the same time my husband and I were reading this book with our children. Comparing what I read in the Gospel of Mark to these summarized stories for children brought the book to life for me and added to my personal enjoyment of it. This book would serve well as your child's personal "commentary" to the Gospel of Mark. It does well in sharing who Jesus is and what He has accomplished on our behalf in a charming and child-friendly voice.

Paul's Travels.jpg

Paul's Travels

Publisher: Candle Books, 2010

Why we love it: The book is aimed at children ages 7 and older, taking them on an interactive tour of the book of Acts as they follow Paul in his missionary journeys. In addition to maps and notes on the Greco-Roman world, each chapter of the book comes with a letter, tacked within the pocket of the page, summarizing the theme of a Pauline epistle!

How God Changes People.jpg

How God Changes People: Conversion Stories from the Bible

Author: Carine Mackenzie

Publisher: Christian Focus Publications , 2012

Why we love it: Our hope for our children is spiritual conversion, not just good behavior. A book that traces the conversion stories of 28 different people in Scripture can help demonstrate the power of God's Word and Spirit to save and change hearts. This is a great book for your teaching library. Sadly, the illustrations could have been more reflective of Scripture's vision of God's diverse people (Revelation 7:9).



John Bunyan's Pilgrim Progress

Author: Story retold by Gary D. Schmidt (Illustrated by Barry Moser)

Publisher: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Compnay , 1994

Why we love it: I've written before on John Bunyan's 1675 allegorical tale of a Christian's journey home. Gary Schmidt shares that story with a contemporary audience. The vivid imagery of Schmidt's words, along with Barry Moser's illustrations (which portray characters within different historical eras and cultures) gives modern readers, like my daughters, a gripping version of Bunyan's classic work. My family has found this book helpful in teaching Christian perseverance and God’s preservation of the saints.


Why we Love It: My children have enjoyed watching Owlegories, a "new animated series that teaches kids about God through the amazing things found in nature and revealed in God's Word!" The series is based on Psalm 19:1-4 and each episode addresses the theme of creation and "explores the nature of God as the Creator of the Universe through the use of allegories, metaphors and analogies." Episodes end with a brief explanation of the theme by a known teacher.

Important Topics in Discipleship


What Every Child Should Know About Prayer

Author: Nancy Guthrie (illustrated by Jenny Brake)

Publisher: Tyndale House, 2018

Why we love it: Nancy Guthrie’s impressive 142 paged book is truly everything a child should know about prayer! It defines prayer, makes distinctions between prayers of adoration, thanksgiving, confession, and supplication. It shares the prayers of saints in the Bible and walks children through various Psalms. It also looks at the prayers of Jesus and includes with an “application” section in which children are encouraged to pray! Jenny Brake adds beautifully diverse illustrations to Guthrie’s rich words. The combination is a must-have.

Little Hands.jpg

Little Hands Learning to Pray

Author: Carine Mackenzie

Publisher: Christian Focus Publications , 2010

Why we love it: This book served as our family devotional text for a number of weeks. It's 139 pages are divided into various chapters with stories of how people in the Bible spoke with God, distinguishing between prayers of adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication. Each story includes Scripture references, a question that focuses on the story, something to spot in the pictures and a main idea for the day. I recommend it and only wish the illustrations were more reflective of the diverse people of God (Revelation 7:9).

God's Very Good Idea.jpg

God's Very Good Idea: A True Story of God's Delightfully Different Family

Author: Trillia Newbell (illustrated by Catalina Echeverri)

Publisher: The Good Book Company, 2017

Why we love it: Before the foundation of the world, God had a very good idea—black, white, small, big, tall, wavy, curly, different tongues, different peoples, all made in His image, enjoying and loving Him! Why should we love and respect every person? Trillia Newbell answers the question with the story of God's creation and redemption through Christ. This is a beautiful book that celebrates, in words and in pictures, God's good idea of diversity; a must-have for your library and faithful gospel teaching and discipleship work.

God Made You and Me: Celebrating God’s Design For Ethnic Diversity

Author: Shai Linne (Illustrated by Trish Mahoney)

Publisher: New Growth Press, 2018

Why we love it: Shai Linne brings his gift of rhyme to children’s literature—and best of all, to the important topic of the gospel and ethnic diversity. The book follows the voice of a classroom teacher as she instructs her students about God’s plan for diversity from creation to new creation. The book ends with a helpful section to parents/caregivers with thoughts on navigating this important area of your children’s discipleship.

God made all of me.jpg

God Made All of Me: A Book to Help Children Protect Their Bodies

Author: Justin S. Holcomb & Lindsey A. Holcomb

Publisher: New Growth Press, 2015

Why we love it: I've written an article on the usefulness of this book in equipping young children to protect themselves from potential sexual abuse. The book is recommended for children ages 2 to 8 and it gives needed guidance to parents in discussing sensitive topics with children—like private parts, inappropriate touches, and secrets—without losing the important message that our bodies are beautiful and good creations of God.

Good Picture Jr.jpg

Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr.: A Simple Plan to Protect Young Minds

Author: Kristen A. Jenson, MA (Illustrated by Debbie Fox)

Publisher: Glen Cove Press, 2017

Why we love it: The book takes the heavy topic of pornography and creates a simple safeguard for children (preschool to about 6 years of age) and their parents. The book follows the theme of “pictures” to help children distinguish between “good pictures,” (those we see in photo albums, books, and fun movies) and “bad pictures” (images that show private parts of the body). These “bad pictures” are defined as “picture poison for your brain.” The book goes on to give children a three-step strategy to guard against this poison: Turn, Run and Tell. This is a helpful tool for our Ephesians 6:4 nurturing work.

Good Pictures.jpg

Good Pictures Bad Pictures: Porn-Proofing Today’s Young Kids

Author: Kristen A. Jenson and Gail Poyner  (Illustrated by Debbie Fox)

Publisher: Glen Cove Press, 2017

Why we love it: Good Pictures Bad Pictures is the “big brother” version of the book recommended above. This second book is written to an older child (age 7 and up). The book follows the same “good pictures vs. poison pictures” theme but this thicker version includes 9 chapters—plus an introduction and glossary—packed with easy to understand research on the effects of porn on the brain. Each chapter ends with a notes section where children can write their thoughts and lessons learned. The book also provides tips on helping the brain to “forget poison pictures” if a child has already encountered porn and like the Jr. version, older kids are given a strategy to help them defend against future toxic images. A helpful discipleship book in a post-Eden world.

Scripture memorization


Produced by: Seeds Family Worship

Why we Love It: Seeds of Faith puts Scripture to songs for children and families. To learn a Seeds of Faith song is to memorize a Scripture passage. The songs are well-done and fun to sing along with. But above all, they are useful for memorizing God's Word.

Christian Biographies

Torchlighters Series: Children's Heroes from Church History

Produced By: Christian History Institute

Why we Love It: The Torchlighters series is a fantastic resource for teaching "church family history" to children. These are animated, true-life stories of Christian heroes retold for young people (some of the stories are intense so parents may want to view them before showing to very young children). Each Torchlighter episode comes with a documentary and other features. You can order individual stories or a box set featuring the tales of some of the following Christians: Augustine, Gladys Aylward, Corrie Ten Boom, William Booth, John Bunyan, Amy Carmichael, Jim Elliot, Eric Liddell, Martin Luther, Samuel Morris, Perpetua, Robert J. Thomas, William Tyndale, John Wesley, Richard Wurmbrand, and Harriet Tubman.

John Knox.jpg

Little Lights Series Christian Biographies

Author: Catherine Mackenzie

Publisher: Christian Focus Publications 

Why we Love It: My family owns nearly all 14 books in the Little Lights Christian biography series. Mackenzie takes a theme from the life of a church history figure and traces it to demonstrate God's faithfulness to His people. The books are great for younger and slightly older (up to age 11) kids alike. Currently, the series features the following: Amy Carmichael, Hudson Taylor, Corrie Ten Boom, George Muller, Helen Roseveare, David Livingstone, John Calvin, Martin Luther, Eric Liddell, Mary Slessor, C.S. Lewis, John Knox, Lottie Moon, and Gladys Aylward. We have enjoyed these stories and would be encouraged by others that show God's faithfulness through His diverse church (Revelation 7:9)

Christmas & Advent Resources

Littlest Watchman.jpg

The Littlest Watchman

Author: Scott James

Why we love it: Our family has enjoyed using the The Littlest Watchman Advent Calendar, a 25 day Advent 'Jesse Tree' devotional based on a storybook of a young watchman whose job is to watch God's promises prove true. This small Christmas story is packed with amazing biblical theology and illustrations that I believe honor Revelation 7:9's vision of a diverse church.

The Plan.jpg

The Plan: How God Got the World Ready for Jesus

Author: Sinclair Ferguson

Why we love it: The birth of Christ was a plan established before the foundation of the world. This book helps children to see this glorious truth as it follows the various characters and events leading up to the birth of the Savior.

Song of Stars.jpg

Song of the Stars: A Christmas Story

Author: Sally Lloyd-Jones

Why we love it: Sally Lloyd-Jones has a gift with words, she writes truth with a voice that reads like poetry for children. This beautiful Christmas book is likely to inspire your own praise as you follow creation's worship of the newborn Christ.


The Christmas Story 

Author: Carine MacKenzie

Why we love it: This 19 chapter book begins in Genesis and traces the story of Christ, helping children to discover who needs to be saved and how one special Child came to be Savior.

Why Do We Call It Christmas?

Produced By:  Phil Vischer, JellyTelly

Why we love it: "Where do we get the word Christmas? When was Jesus born? What do Christmas trees have to do with Jesus? Who is St. Nicholas? What is Hanukkah? Who is Emmanuel?" This 60-minute video sets out to address the above and takes young viewers (and the parents) on an entertaining and informative adventure, providing helpful answers along the way.