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Dolce Devotions: Teaching Christ Moment by Moment

Dolce Devotions is our family devotional time—it is our effort to teach our children “when we lie down.” We share it with you as an encouragement and picture for one way the bedtime routine might be used for teaching Christ and the gospel to children. May it stir up your own affections for Christ as you seek to love and commend Him within the everyday routines of your life!

The Trinity & God's Love in Creation: A Conversation with Quina Aragon

The Trinity & God's Love in Creation: A Conversation with Quina Aragon

“[God] didn’t create everything because He was lonely. He created us because He wants us to partake in His eternal joy. I think children need to know this primarily because it is true of God, but also because it helps them know that God made them from an overflowing heart of love.” - Quina Aragon

New Year, New Website, New Features!

Happy New Year!

I’m excited to debut a new website template at Motherhood & Sanctity. The website layout has been simplified to allow for clearer navigation. In addition, updates have been made to every page of the site. Please see below for specific changes or simply explore! In either case, thank you so much for subscribing to and reading Motherhood & Sanctity. I’m excited about the new focus, new features, new series, and new videos coming in 2019. I hope that you will visit often and as always, thanks for sharing!