The Global Church Starts at My Dinner Table

The Global Church Starts at My Dinner Table

My 8-year-old daughter has the job of reading prayer requests during family worship. The requests come from a monthly calendar sent by International Christian Response, a group that offers spiritual and material assistance to the persecuted church. Every evening, her small voice announces the trials and victories of God’s people around the world. Continue at Christianity Today.

To Those Who Can Teach God’s Word Better Than They Can Live It -- Some Good News

Most of us know stories of people who have shared beautifully from God’s Word, only to turn to bent paths and beliefs. These stories should always make us cling all the more to Christ and His Word, knowing that we too are susceptible to unbiblical ideas and ways, if not for the grace of God.

Good News Friday - Somebody Prayed for Me

If I had known that the little baby--whose sleeplessness often tested my patience--would grow up to pray for my rest, I would have maintained more joy on those weary nights. But I didn’t know; and there’s been many other moments of impatience and failure as a mom in my daughter’s young life. But love covers over a multitude of sins (1 Peter 4:8).

Good News When God Answers "No" to Prayer

This week, I was reminded of prayers yet to be answered. For sometime now, we have made request of God for gifts we believe to be good and God honoring. We have prayed for years with no seeming or immediate “yes.” But God is God...and for that reason, we trust His “yes,” His “no” and His “wait” as good.