Small, Mostly Overlooked, Things

Happy Friday!

I unintentionally discovered a website/podcast last week that encouraged my heart, Grace Covers Me by Christine Hoover. The episode I heard featured Zack Eswine, a senior pastor, a professor of homiletics, and a writer. Eswine’s words dripped with the wisdom of Proverbs.

My heart was heavy at the time of the podcast and it was amazing to witness how good news from the lips of a wise and seasoned shepherd (unknown to me and seemingly thousands of miles away) could soothe the soul. My favorite quote from the podcast is below. Click to listen.

Grace and peace to you today in Christ!

“Our cultural assumption is that we are supposed to do large things famously as fast as we can. But most things in life require us to do small, mostly overlooked things, over a long period of time…[so ask] God for the grace to believe that.” --Zack Eswine