Good News Friday: Jesus, the Lord of History

Photo by Alexander Kunz on Unsplash

Photo by Alexander Kunz on Unsplash

For the past six months, I’ve gathered with a group of 10 women for a Charles Simeon Trust 30-week course on exegesis of different literary genres of the Bible. If you know me well, you know that a great Bible study is part of my definition of fun. So imagine my joy in chewing through biblical genres of Old Testament Narrative, Epistles, Wisdom Literature, Prophetic Literature, Apocalyptic Literature, Gospels and Acts. The course is a pleasure and I highly recommend it!

Of all the biblical genres, Apocalyptic Literature has most impacted my vision of Jesus. In one session, D.A. Carson asked this question: “Where is Jesus, right now, in a locative sense?” Revelation 4 and 5 helps with the answer.

In those chapters, we see the throne of a transcendent God. And between the throne is the Lamb, once slain (crucified) and now standing (resurrected). He is the Lion of the tribe of Judah and the Root of David; the heavens and the universe serenade Him for He alone is worthy to open the scroll--a symbol of God’s purposes for history--revealing and accomplishing all of God’s decrees. Sisters, the world is not spinning aimlessly. God is fulfilling His purposes...and He’s doing so through a worthy Lamb.

So where is Jesus in a locative sense? I’ll paraphrase Dr. Carson below:

The Book of Revelation gives us a final end and purpose, surrounding the throne of the Triune God as He discloses Himself supremely and triumphantly in Jesus -- that’s where Jesus is! And the understanding of this is significant to our encouragement and confidence as we endure in travails of life.

The headlines are dark and some of us are walking personal valleys. Yet, right now, Jesus reigns over God’s purposes for history...and that’s good news to sing about.

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