To Those Who Can Teach God’s Word Better Than They Can Live It -- Some Good News

Photo by  Sushobhan Badhai  on  Unsplash

I heard a podcast this week that mentioned instances in which a preacher/teacher's theological work has not lined up with his/her life decisions. Most of us know stories of people who have shared beautifully from God’s Word, only to turn to bent paths and beliefs. These stories should always make us cling all the more to Christ and His Word, knowing that we too are susceptible to unbiblical ideas and ways, if not for the grace of God.

I’ve been aware of my own shortcomings this week in regards to theology that doesn’t match behavior. A few Saturdays ago, I gave a talk on hospitality from Romans 12:13. The passage, in context, presents a vision of love that goes far above our cultural standards. The Christian is encouraged to pursue hospitality, even to the point of receiving and feeding enemies. My prayer this week is for God to help me do exactly what I have shared with others from His Word.

How many reading this, I wonder, can say that they have had an actual human “enemy”? Some may say yes, depending on our description of an enemy. But whatever the extent of our personal experiences, in general, most of us have felt, at some point, the dislike of another or the ill-treatment of someone close to us. This week, I was reminded of past hurts--deep and tender and hard to overlook. I need God’s help to live out Romans 12!

Today, I’m clinging to the High Priest who is able to sympathize with my weaknesses. He too was tempted as I am, yet He never sinned. Whatever your particular temptation, draw near in confidence to the throne of grace, that you may receive mercy and find grace for today (Hebrews 4:15-16). I'm praying for God to help me know, believe, share and do His Word (James 1:22).

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