Good News When God Answers "No" to Prayer

Photo by  Rose Erkul  on  Unsplash

Photo by Rose Erkul on Unsplash

There were two things that came, almost immediately, with my spiritual conversion: the first was a love for God’s Word and the second was persistence in prayer. For years, I considered myself a Christian but I hardly prayed and reading my Bible was a chore. When regeneration came, it brought repentance of sin, faith in Christ, an appetite for God’s Words and consistency in prayer.

God has been gracious to my family in answered prayers. Eric and I prayed for a few years for children and God in His kindness has given us two beautiful daughters. We prayed for a home and the Lord answered through the graciousness of our church, we live today on church property. We’ve learned to look to a faithful Father for our needs and, like Elijah by the brook Cherith, He provides us with bread and meat (1 Kings 17:1-7).

This week, I was reminded of prayers yet to be answered. For sometime now, we have made request of God for gifts we believe to be good and God honoring. We have prayed for years with no seeming or immediate “yes.” But God is God...and for that reason, we trust His “yes,” His “no,” and His “wait” as good.

There are a few things I lack today that I wish I didn’t. But in my longing, God has never denied me the opportunity to know Him better. The Scripture states that through the knowledge of Him, we are granted all things that pertain to life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3). Whatever I may have or may lack today, I know Jesus savingly...and that is all I truly need. That’s good news!

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