Teaching Kids the Story of Christmas

Happy Advent! Below are a few recommendations of resources that help teach children the story of Christmas. This post comes a bit late but I'm hoping it proves helpful to you and a little person in your life this Christmas season. These resources have been useful to my family--may they serve many others in their Ephesians 6:4 work.

Please stay-tuned for updates to my "Teaching Children the Gospel" page in coming weeks. Grace and peace to you in Christ! 

Littlest Watchman.jpg

The Littlest Watchman by Scott James

Our family has enjoyed using the The Littlest Watchman Advent Calendar, a 25 day Advent ''Jesse Tree' devotional based on a storybook of a young watchman whose job is to watch God's promises prove true. This small Christmas story is packed with amazing biblical theology and illustrations that I believe honor Revelation 7:9's vision of a diverse church.

The Plan.jpg


The Plan: How God Got the World Ready for Jesus by Sinclair Ferguson

The birth of Christ was a plan established before the foundation of the world. This book helps children to see this glorious truth as it follows the various characters and events leading up to the birth of the Savior.


Song of Stars.jpg

Song of the Stars: A Christmas Story by Sally Lloyd-Jones

Sally Lloyd-Jones has a gift with words, she writes truth with a voice that reads like poetry for children. This beautiful Christmas book is likely to inspire your own praise as you follow creation's worship of the newborn Christ.

The Christmas Story by Carine MacKenie

This 19 chapter book begins in Genesis and traces the story of the incarnation, helping children to discover who needs to be saved and how one special Child came to be Savior.

Why Do We Call It Christmas?


"Where do we get the word Christmas? When was Jesus born? What do Christmas trees have to do with Jesus? Who is St. Nicholas? What is Hanukkah? Who is Emmanuel?" This 60-minute video sets out to address the above and takes young viewers (and the parents) on an entertaining and informative adventure, providing helpful answers along the way.