The Boiling Frog - A Look at Marriage and the Black Church

Grateful for my article this week at the Reformed African American Network. It reflects on the Black Church and her response to the same-sex marriage debate. The first few paragraphs follow. I hope that you will take a look at the full post. Thank you as always!

Many of us have heard of the “boiling frog” anecdote. The idea is this: put a frog in blistering hot water and it will instinctively jump out. However, place it in cool water with gradual temperature increases and the frog will remain in its place, absolutely unaware of the danger until it’s too late.

This metaphor illustrates people’s general tendency to challenge abrupt change while nonchalantly adjusting to slow moving drifts. In some ways, the image brings to mind the Black Church and its reaction to the cultural redefinition of marriage.